z.com payment

Z.com Payment Test Environment Download


1. What is test environment for?

This test environment is for GMO Payment Gateway's overseas payment service "Z.com Payment"
In this environment, you can conduct a connecting test with our service in advance.

*We provide management screen for test operation.
*You can conduct the credit card payment test with the test card.
*Convenience store settlement, ATM settlement etc are only possible for
 communication test with our payment system.
*The deposit test can be carried out in a live environment.

■We provide a set of necessary manuals such as management screen usage,
integration manuals for systems.

■System integration and usage manuals can be downloaded from
the test environment management screen.
※Please go to the page from the URL indicated in the e-mail.

2. Test environment registration flow

If you are considering using Z.com Payment,
please register the test environment according to the following procedure.

* Required items

* Target Country

* Name

* E-mail

* E-mail

* Company Name

* Phone Number

* Deal with personal

In order to use the test environment,
please agree to the contents of the following documents.
Privacy policy
Consent for the Treatment of Personal Data.